by Outreau



First LP out on Crom Records / Une Vie Pour Rien Vinyles
500 copies
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released July 1, 2017


tags: oi! punk Paris


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Outreau Paris, France

Oi! inspired by bands like Oxblood, Negative Approach or 86 Mentality.
With (ex) members of Gonna Get Yours, Ol'Cunts, Tied Down, Cut Throat and HardxTimes.

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Track Name: SCC
My vision’s now blurred
As I know my obsolescence’s planned
You keep your mouth shut
As free speech brings more trouble than you can take
He went deaf
As disinformation got him to adulate what’s fake
To turn a blind eye to the things we perpetrate
And how we let those perpetuate

On my back they point the finger
I’m a second class citizen
They’ll bring the gavel down
Break what’s mine for any reason
Go ahead

Selling half of the planet to the other half
By any means, it’s time we disagree
Perception distorted, mind distracted by this modern age
At best we follow because we cannot see
Trapped in this daily grind
My interest is all that matters to me
Our hands are not tied
Even in bright light I prefer not to see

Burst, I’m gonna burst
Burst, this should all burst

I got this fire to spit
Much frustration to speak about
This life of second class citizen has got me
Pushed to the limit
Track Name: Early Grave
You keep on running your mouth

You’re showing off but I see through
There’s nothing common between me and you
You can’t help running your mouth
A bad habit I’m gonna make you lose
Time is running fast
Your disguise slowly cracks
There are three things you can’t hide
Your ego, your past and the truth

This rage, can’t you see?
You’re just ripping what you sowed
This rage that I feel
This rage that you’ll learn to fear

Oi! used to be spoken with words
Now you speak it loud with numbers
Dedication, you’re faking, you fraud
As you take the pose, imposter
Time is running fast
Your disguise slowly cracks
There are three things you can’t hide
Your ego, your past and the truth
Track Name: MDH
You found the way in, I’ll show you the way out
Before you suck sense out of what this is all about
It’s our curse to see you replicate and reappear
One thing is clear : I don’t want you here

No more hipster shit

The longer you stay, the worse it’s gonna end
Twisting aroung what you barely understand
This place’s too small for you and me
One thing is clear : I don’t want you here

Where you step the grass will never grow again
Track Name: Protect and Serve
Start a fire and watch it burn
The city’s skipping sleep, consumed by rage once again
Another march because another one’s dead
Another body’s been taken to the grave
Face the facts many stories we’re told
Behind the badge, men become untouchables
Unarmed victims falling under lethal force
Bear witness to the last police bravest stand

Yes someone else deserves to get shot
Did he even care when he aimed and shot?

«I can’t breathe» as final words
On the pavement lays a body that once was a man
Pay attention and observe
Police protecting those wannabe innocents
Your dream in ‘63
Nearly came up and got shot in the back in my reality
Does anyone else deserve to get shot?
Shot down

Did Michael Brown deserve to get shot?
Did Tamir Rice deserve to get shot?
Track Name: Mongo Life
We’ll break your stage
And we won’t give a shit
Since 2012 ‘til now we play
That’s 3 more years than expected
Always singled out in the crowd
Too hard for poseur skins, too slow for punks
Still we keep on walking through
We’re the Mongo Crew

Tell me why should I bother giving excuses
To let this rage loose?

We’ll take the train, the plane
Lower our self-control to zero
Rampage on stage, in your garden
Rampage everywhere we go
No one has ever stopped us from living
This mongo life the fullest
Not that we’re bad persons in any way
We’re just the Mongo Crew

You shouldn’t have invited us
Track Name: Growing Distance
Hard words and shouts are falling like rain
Breaking the silence we’ve strained so hard to maintain
Peace lasts few weeks but then it starts over again
Despite the promises we make it always ends up the same

We’ll prove each other wrong
And we’ll lose our temper

Chained to the words we’ve said
Grief and arguments are getting hard to restrain
Many times we tried to start from scratch
But I’m fire and you’re a match
This growing distance stretches and we get so cold
Occasions are rare to speak your name now
Every time you come back around
That’s all we’ve got left, this growing distance

Forced to share with you, stranger
Blood bonds are strong but it doesn’t feel like you’re my brother
We gave so much for you to forget
The ways and the days of the shithole you came from

Out, I want you out
Track Name: High Pressure
Pressure’s building fast
The century we’re living in might be our last
They play the same endless game
We’re pawns caught up in this Grimm frame
You either believe their lies
Hypnotised as they’re talking trash
Or you can clench your fists
Waiting for the crash

Pressure’s building fast
And every day you run, you try to save your life
Today you negociate to give sense to your life
Under high pressure and forced to be part of your scheme

It all slipped through our fingers
Our cash, our values and our self esteem
We were broke, now we are broken
Griefs never fully outspoken
No man stands above the law
Exception made for the holy Goldman Sacks
Rebelling, you scream your lungs out
Waiting to be crushed
Track Name: Post-Traumatic
My mind’s puzzled and alienated from the eleventh district
My body’s intact but pain I’ve got to endure
Can’t find no rest in the silence of my city
Paris traumatized like it’s never been before

I stood still
Gun shells falling on the floor
You stood still
As you passed by a second before

Statistics break down into piles of bodies they’ve found
Damaging a whole generation for sure
Because fear can’t be repressed and stress can’t be supressed
Sloppy slope to my nervous breakdown

We’ve felt it now, the death’s grip
We’ve all been affected now, the death’s grip

Death is real, death is near
Track Name: Under the Surface
Under the surface
Lurks something you can’t explain
Reflexes and reflections make you realize
There’s a thin line between what’s above and what you try to hide

Under the surface
Half asleep, half awakened
Going off at any time

In the cracks of your mind
Memories that refuse to die
In debt with the past that you try to confine
Balance is kind of hard to find

Under the surface
Half asleep, half awakened
You pick a knife, violence is the solution
Fully asleep, fully awakened
Loose and wild

Open your eyes, they’re all crumbsuckers
Every time you pray, nobody never answers
Relatives fade in the growing distance
Tonight the time is right, now succomb to violence
Track Name: Inertia
Used to be used and accused
To be down with every abuse
Used to find comfort and refuge
Behind screens and lots of excuses

Mass destruction in slow motion
Sit right here, watching them trying to catch my attention
Sit right here, watching this mess without a trace of any emotion
I’m sick of playing game now

The bigger the scale
The bigger the failure
No action lifts no burden
From our shoulders, no curse over our future