by Outreau

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Second EP out on Une Vie Pour Rien Vinyles
500 on black vinyls
Available at :


released October 3, 2015


tags: oi! punk Paris


all rights reserved


Outreau Paris, France

Oi! inspired by bands like Oxblood, Negative Approach or 86 Mentality.
With (ex) members of Gonna Get Yours, Ol'Cunts, Tied Down, Cut Throat and HardxTimes.

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Track Name: Double hate
Your double hate didn't bring you luck
How does it feel now that you're stuck?
At every step you could have quit
But now you're trapped, got in too deep

You've already trashed a part of our trip
You damned maniac running the streets
Everything you touch, you destroy
And you let the front play with you like with a toy

Your totenkopf and these other shits
Pave my nightmares and make me sick 
Every day the same story to me
Another penpusher mistakes about me

Pure nonsense is what you're fighting for
Doomed to failure you still want more
And I remain the same I used to be
The proud true kid of the working class

Player haters, this story's about me
It's a shame, can't you see?
I'm the true kid of the working class
Track Name: Piece by piece
Prowlers are surrounding me, nobody's got my back
Nightmare or reality, let these jaws talk about that
Zombies are surrounding me, bet they've followed my track
Rotting all the same way, guess ego is what they lack

I can't go back
I've been out there for an eternity, will I ever escape this reality?

If they lay a hand on me, they'll take everything I've got
My skin, my brain, my soul, boy, hold on tigh to your guts
At the bottom of the social ladder, to them I'm only meat
They enjoy to play with, while I try to make ends meet
Track Name: No justice
It fell down on my so hard that I can barely remember
The weight and the pressure of the bright justice hammer
Handcuffs before interrogation, in my mind there's only confusion
The judge and the jury cannot hear me, too much greed and misplaced determination

Slow justice, no justice
That's what they say, that's why I pay
Slow justice, no justice
For me, for them they're gonna pray
Slow justice, no justice
In my cage I'm gonna lay
Obey and you might be safe

The darkness of my cell is all that I can remember
Selfdestruction after depression's all I gained from these false allegations
They saw a monster right through me when I asked for mercy
When all hope was gone, I knew that justice there is none
Track Name: Room 101
I perceive few differences when I see present days and 1984
War is peace, believe in what is not, people fear, tolerance is slowly dropped
Two minutes of hate on the news every day remind us we owe them this fake liberty
Dread's distilled in our minds, so we rush anywhere to find security

In the room 101
Take a seat among rats

Mass alienation all over the telescreens, distraction's the only thing real
The golden rule is to shut it up, keep on filling forms and signing deals
Walls got ears and nothing's what it seems, connected as we are around here
Technology's shredding what used to be our privacy